Welcome to So Dam(n) In Love

Hi everyone! We’re just dropping in to officially launch off this fanpage for Park So Dam!

The website is still in the works. Stillrooted and I are taking every free minute we have to work on it! However, we still need to finish up several pages. You’ll see the menu options and note that several are empty as of now, for example, the Videos and Photoshoots tab. Those will eventually have posts when we…well start posting. Other tabs, such as the Bio and Gallery, are a work in process.

Even if So Dam(n) In Love is still under construction we wanted to go ahead and start posting. We’ll start posting updates and a tutorial to join So Dam’s fancafe soon, so make sure to follow our blog. Spread the word! Call all So Dam fans! Let’s have fun here together!

If you have any fan art you would like to share with the rest of us, please send it to us! We love all fan art of Sodam, since so many of you are so talented!

Also, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either yongsital or myself (stillrooted)! Any technical questions should probably go to yongsital and any artistic questions should probably go to me. We also don’t mind a nice comment!

Thanks so much for joining us on the start of a new journey!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to So Dam(n) In Love

  1. Thank you for making an awesome site with beautiful design. I’m happy to find “So Dam (n) in love”. I think she deserves to get a site that will discuss everything about her. Previously I had read about her in an article that she is a shining star in the film industry, but I have never tried to see her films. Then, I really fell in love with her when she was playing in BM paired with Jang Hyuk. She’s really talented, sweet and fresh.
    Then I tried to find her through youtube, turns her attitude is very understated, not excessive,and not contrived. I love her. Her chemistry together JH able to make me have a BM syndrome and made a MV for her and JH using in the BM scene.
    I only love some Korean actress, and now she’s on my list. I see an actress or an actor is not only she is beautiful or handsome, but more to acting, personality and charisma.
    So once again thank you so much

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    • Thank you so so much hrkharis for the nice comment! It means the world! I do agree that So Dam deserves an international page for all the hard work she has done and I’m glad you have found this page to your pleasure! We are currently still under a lot of construction, but we have an entire masterpost of all her dramas and movies so you can start off by there and we will hopefully add on. Thank you again for your continuous support of Park So Dam and we hope that you enjoy your visit here at Sodam(n) in love!
      ~ Admin Stillrooted


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