[160930] Sodamstagram Updates

Part 1


#신네기 하원이.. 마지막주가 벌써…힝..😢


#CinderellaandtheFourKnights Hawon.. The last week is already… sigh..😢
Please watch the episode🙂

Part 2


정말 마지막이 왔네요.. 올 초 하원이의 에너지에 끌렸고, 그 에너지가 저에게 필요했고, 그런 하원이를 뜨겁게 안아주고싶었는데, 어느덧 정말 마지막…
많이 배웠고, 많은걸 함께 나눈작품이기에 즐겁고 행복했습니다.
모든 스텝,배우분들 정말정말 고생하셨습니다..감사해용💛
안녕 은하원! 안녕 신네기! 뿅


The end has finally come.. While filming Hawon’s energy was present, and I needed that energy, I wanted to hug Hawon like this, but now it is the end…
I learned a lot, and I shared a lot through this produced with happiness and joy.
All the staff and actors worked so very hard..thank you so much💛
Bye Eun Hawon! Bye Cinderella and the Four Knights! Ppyong

Part 3


이게 벌써 반년전이당…마음이 따뜻한 서우서우랑.
정신아 오늘이 진짜 마지막인가봐😭@leejungshin91


It is already the end…I’m with kindhearted Seowoo.
Jung shin, today is really the last day😭@leejungshin91


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