[161008] Sodamstagram Updates

Part 1



아..그리고… 정말 감사합니다..
어제는 너무 떨려서 말도 제대로 잘 못하고 내려온거같아요…
여우조연상. 이 다섯글자가 굉장히 무겁게 느껴졌던 밤이 지나고..하루가 지나 이렇게 다시 글을 써봅니다.
호명되는 순간 정말 기분이 좋으면서도 한편으로는 마음이 무겁기도 했습니다.
검은사제들. 영신이. 고민도 많았고 걱정도 많았던만큼 많은분들이 사랑해주셔서 더욱 기뻤고, 정말 많이 배웠던 작품이기에 더욱 뜻깊은 상인거같습니다.
무거운 책임감으로 더 좋은 모습, 성장한 모습 보여드릴수있도록.. 노력하겠습니다. 감사합니다.
(작년도 수상자이신 문정희선배님의 인상적이였던 인증샷 이어갑니당…헤헤 트로피 💋)


Ah.. and also… Thank you thank you so much..
Yesterday I was so nervous that I don’t think I said enough…
Best Supporting Actress. These 5 letters (in Korean) had a heavy impact on yesterday’s night that passed by.. A day has gone by and now I write this post.
When my name was called out, I was very happy, but also my heart felt burdened.
The Priests. Young Shin. Even though I had worried a lot, even more people showed love to you and I was extremely happy, I learned so much through filming this movie and as a result it left a huge impression on my life.
With even more responsibility now I will show you even better acting, and I will show you a more matured acting from now.. I promise I will work harder. Thank you so much.
(I follow last year’s winners Moon Jung Hee sunbaenim inspiring picture of winning… Hehe trophy 💋)

* A huge congratulations goes to Park So Dam for this AMAZING win!!! She totally deserves it for her fantastic portrayal of Young Shin in The Priests. Much love from the So Damn in Love crew!

Part 2

Sodamstagram Update 161007 Part 2.png


이제야 올린당! #처음이라서 송이랑 윤탱이랑 훈이랑🤗 부산에서 이렇게 보니 너무 좋쟈나~~
작년 처음이라서 촬영을 마치고 바로 다음날 부산국제영화제를 왔었는데 올해 이렇게 셋이 같이오니 기분이 묘하쟈나🙊 다들!! 항상 응원한다잉!👍@luvlk89


I’m finally uploading! #BecauseIt’sTheFirstTime Song-Yi, Hoon, and Tae-Oh reunited Seeing you guys here at Busan is so nice~~
Last year after finishing filming BITF we went straight to the Busan International Film Festival the very next day and this year the three of us are here this feeling is so weird🙊Everyone!! I will always support and root for you guys!👍@luvlk89

* 21st Busan International Film Festival


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