[161009] Sodamstagram Updates

Part 1

Sodamstagram Update 161009 Part 1.png


훈이랑 송이랑 윤탱탱


Okay is that what you think (Korean pun with the name Hoon and teasing)~~~? He he he he he
Me too me too🙄
#BecauseItsTheFirstTime #LeeLeeKyung #ParkSoDam #Minho
Hoon, Song-Yi, and Yoon Taeng

*The caption in the picture is ‘I am your guys forever Hoon’😘

Part 2

Sodamstagram Update 161009 Part 2.png


시상할 수 있는 기회를 주셔서 감사합니당..💕


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present an award..💕

Part 3

Sodamstagram Update 161009 Part 3.png


깜짝이야!!! 이게누구야!!! 강현민이다!!!!!!! 오랜만이야오빠😭 역시오늘도사랑꾼^^ 멋져👍너무 보기좋구 부럽다🙈@aagbanjh #신네기#강현민#은하원


Surprise!!! Look who it is!!! It’s Kang Hyun-Min!!!!!!! It’s been a while oppa😭 Of course today you are so lovely^^ You’re the coolest👍It’s so good to see you and I’m jealous🙈@aagbanjh #CinderellaandtheFourKnights #KangHyunMin #EunHaWon

*tvN 10 Awards



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