[161011] Sodamstagram Update

Sodamstagram Update 161011.png


(늦은 고백을 합니당..)
정말 멋져요…👍덕분에 평소에 정말 많이 웃고 힐링했었는데..
마침 옆 대기실. 목소리가 들려 저도 모르게 홀린듯 달려갔습니다.. 갑자기 찾아갔는데도 반갑게 인사해주시구 사진도 찍어주셔서 정말 감사합니댜..🙈
이렇게 재미있게 찍어주실줄 몰랐어요..사진으로도 또 웃겨주실줄은..역시…😍
진짜 팬이에요. 너무너무잘보구있구요. 수상소감 말씀하실때 저도 울컥했습니당…정말 멀리서 항상 응원하구있습니당.!! 헤헤 #이국주#안영미 (@gookju 댓글남겨보라하셔서 댓글도 남겼었지요😛)


(This is a late confession..)
You are so cool…👍 Because of you, I was able to heal through laughter every single day..
Our waiting rooms were right next to each other. I heard your voice and before I knew what I was going I ran over.. Even though I kind of burst into your room without a warning you welcomed me warmly and even took a picture with me so thank you so much..🙈
I didn’t know you were going to take such a funny picture.. I didn’t know you could make me laugh again through this picture.. You’re the best…😍
I am a huge fan. I’ve been enjoying watching you a lot. When you have your speech, I also got emotional… I’ll continue to support and root for you from afar.!! Hehe #LeeGookJu #AhnYoungMin (@gookju You told me to leave a comment on your picture so I did as well😛)

* This was at tvN 10 awards and Sodam is praising comedians Lee Gook Ju and Ahn Young Min!


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