[161107] Sodamstagram Update

Sodamstagram Update 161107.png


#클로저#앨리스와래리 이 두사람 어제가 막공이었데요….😢 선배님과 같이 학교 다닌게 엊그제같은데.. 졸업을 하고 이렇게 대학로 무대에서 만나 함께 호흡하니까 정말 벅차고 행복했슴다.. 또 한번 많은걸 배우고 느끼게 해주셔서 감사합니댜현우래리🙈 남은공연뽜이팅임돠😍#서현우 슨배님헤헤


#Closer #AliceandLarry Yesterday were these two characters last performance….😢 It seems like just yesterday when I went to the same school as you, sunbaenim.. I was so happy to be able to meet you again on stage and perform with you after graduating.. I’ve once again learned so much from you so thank you so much Larry🙈 Fighting to the rest of the performances😍 #SeoHyunWoo Sunbaenim hehe


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