My Last 48 Hours Releases Poster and Teasers for So Dam


With premiere night coming up this week, TvN has released So Dam’s teasers for their new reality show “My Last 48 Hours.”

The show will center around four celebrities, including So Dam, Tak Jae Hoon, Lee Min Seok, and Sung Shi Kyung. They’ll be put in a scenario where they only have 48 hours to live. So Dam will be representing the 20s age range.

Details on the show are still a bit vague but based off the video teasers it seems she’ll be making a bucket list of things to do in those 48 hours while reflecting on her life so far.

The second video questions who she’ll meet, what she’ll eat, and what she’ll dream, as we see her embark on her journey to complete her bucket list.

“My Last 48 Hours” will air every Wednesday beginning on November 30 at 11 pm. Let’s give So Dam our support by watching the show!

Video Teasers – Episode 1


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