[161125] Blue Dragon Film Awards

A HUGE congratulations to Park Sodam!! She once again graced us on the stage and won the prestigious Best Supporting Actress of the 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards for “The Black Priests”. Sodam Dodams are so proud and happy for you, Park Sodam!


Last year, at the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards, she was nominated for Best New Actress for “The Silenced”. This year, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress with many other senior actresses like Bae Doo Na and Ra Mi Ran.

This year, she wore a black, gorgeous dress with an interesting shoulder/arm piece. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail with extensions. Anyways, Sodam looked stunning, so see for yourself!!






When she was accepting this award, Sodam said…

“올해 두 번째 청룡영화제에 참석했다. 여우조연상 후보에 오른 것만으로도 너무 걱정됐고, 부담됐고, 감사했다”

“This year is the second Blue Dragon Film Awards I have attended. Just being nominated for Best Supporting Actress made me worried, burdened, but also thankful.”

“여우조연상이라는 다섯 글자가 무겁다. 후보에 오른 것만으로도 무거운 마음이었는데, 상을 받고 나니 정말 부담이 된다. 하지만, 이 부담감을 책임감으로 여기고 성실하고 묵묵하고 꾸준히 앞으로 나아가도록 하겠다.”

“These five letters Best Supporting Actress are very heavy. I already had a heavy heart just being nominated, but now winning the award makes me feel burdened. However, I will change this feeling of burden to responsibility, and with sincerity and determination I promise to continue to work hard to become better in the future.”

Woohoo! We will always continue to support Sodam on all of your steps to your future!1480077646-21.jpg

Here is the scorecard of the judges voting on her award! Sodam is the highlighted row. As you can see, she won 6 of the 9 votes of the judges! More impressive is that this movie was from last year, and Sodam still has a lasting impact in 2016!


Congratulations Park Sodam once again from the admins at Sodam(n) in Love!

*Credit for each picture goes to each news organization responsible!


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