My Last 48 Hours Premiere: Episode 1

Hopefully some of you guys were able to watch the first episode of So Dam’s new reality show! Here’s a small ‘101’ on today’s episode.

Throughout the hour long episode we got a few glimpses into what So Dam would do if she only had 48 hours left to live. Like we mentioned previously, she had to look back into her life and consider what she would do in those final hours, who she would meet, etc.

Via VR she was relayed the news of only having two day left to live. The first thing she chose to do was meet up with her friend/co-star Kim Yewon (Run Off 2).

In next weeks episode we’ll see who else So Dam will meet up with (her dodam fans!). Below are a few more screenshots, video clips, and goodies of today’s episode that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

Be sure to tune in next week to see what else So Dam will knock off her bucket list. My Last 48 Hours airs every Wednesday at 11pm (KST) on TvN.

Clip : Meeting up with Kim Yewon

*Watch full episode here.*


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