Sodam’s loyalty to Apink’s Naeun

On December 19, 2016 (the second night of Apink’s Pink Party concert), Sodam showed up at the concert to support former co-star Son Naeun! Naeun played Park Hye-Ji in “Cinderella and the Four Knights,” which Sodam starred in.

It’s so great to see Sodam support her former co-stars! She truly is a kind hearted actress and friend! Plus I (meaning stillrooted) get to see my favorite actress, Park Sodam, and favorite K-Pop group, Apink, together! #blessed

Enjoy this post from Naeun on her instagram, thanking Sodam!

Son Naeun's Instagram - 161219.png


공연보러와준 소담언니! 오랜만에 반가웠어요😍
고마워용^^ @sodam_park_0908


To Sodam unnie who came to watch the concert! It was so good to see you again😍
Thank you so much^^ @sodam_park_0908



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