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Hey guys! I’m a co-founder and admin of So Dam(n) In Love. I created this blog after discovering Park So Dam and subsequently falling for her 100%. I first ‘met’ this amazing actress in late 2015 and since then I kept note of her. I’ve not seen all her works yet but her portrayal of Jinsung in Beautiful Mind was enough to make a major fangirl out of me! And here we are! I hope our blog caters to all fan needs.


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Why hello there! To introduce myself, I’m stillrooted, one of the co-founders and admins of this lovely website, So Dam(n) In Love. I’m the artistic director and as yongsital says, I’m the “awesome resident translator”! I first fell in love with So Dam, specifically June 26, 2015 when I watched The Silenced which So Dam starred in. From then on, I’ve pretty much watched all of her movies and dramas from her starring roles to school girl #1. Thanks for stopping by and I do hope we made your trip pleasant! (on a side note I love Apink and puns… hence the title of this website.)


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I first saw PSD webdrama and then I saw her movie with Park Bo Young, and I thought to myself that she’s such a talented and adorable actress. Now I’m officially PSD stan. So I occasionally update this web and also sometimes provide PSD fanfics of my overactive imagination.


Please contact me @animuia