[161219] Sodamstagram Update


#에이핑크#콘서트 이뿌니#손나은
보면서 나도 많이 울컥했당… 항상 밝고 열심히하는모습너무너무예쁘쟈낭😍
보면서 또반했쟈나🙈 고마워초대해줘성
미리크리스마스파티하구 선물받아온거같았오헤헤
좋은 에너지얻구왔더! 짱짱👍더더더응원할게에뽜이팅!!!!!@marcellasne_


#Apink #Concert Cutie #SonNaeun As I was watching you, I got really emotional… you are always so bright and work so hard which is such a beautiful side of you😍
I fell in love with you again watching you🙈 Thank you for inviting me
It feels like it’s already a Christmas party and that I already got a gift hehe
Thanks for the good energy you gave me! Jjang jjang 👍 I’ll continue to support you even more fighting!!!!! @marcellasne_

[161210] Sodamstagram Update



이수정의 프랭키와 쟈니. 좋은공연보여줘서고맙꼬. 멋지고사랑스러운프랭키😘고생했다! 졸업축하한다잉!!!!!@crystal_vksj


Lee Soo Jung’s Franky and Johnny. Thanks for letting me watch an amazing performance. Kudos😘to such a cool and adorable Franky! Congratulations on your graduation!!!!! @crystal_vksj

Vote Sodam for Breakout Actor!

Please vote for Park Sodam for Breakout Actor in the 12th Annual Soompi Awards! The voting is from December 19, 2016 to January 16, 2017!

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Please also share this info via other social media platforms like Twitter!

Sodam is currently in 3rd place, but we can make her 1st place award (BECAUSE SHE DESERVES IT) if you help us out!

Click HERE to go to the link, but if you have trouble try the link below! This will directly lead you to the Breakout Actor voting page!

Here is the link to vote:


This is what it should look like after you voted.

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*Also on a side note, please vote for Apink and Jung Eunji as well!! Thanks ❤

Sodam’s loyalty to Apink’s Naeun

On December 19, 2016 (the second night of Apink’s Pink Party concert), Sodam showed up at the concert to support former co-star Son Naeun! Naeun played Park Hye-Ji in “Cinderella and the Four Knights,” which Sodam starred in.

It’s so great to see Sodam support her former co-stars! She truly is a kind hearted actress and friend! Plus I (meaning stillrooted) get to see my favorite actress, Park Sodam, and favorite K-Pop group, Apink, together! #blessed

Enjoy this post from Naeun on her instagram, thanking Sodam!

Son Naeun's Instagram - 161219.png


공연보러와준 소담언니! 오랜만에 반가웠어요😍
고마워용^^ @sodam_park_0908


To Sodam unnie who came to watch the concert! It was so good to see you again😍
Thank you so much^^ @sodam_park_0908