Happy Lunar New Year!

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Happy Lunar New Year from the admins here at So Dam(n) in Love!

We wish everyone a 2017 full of luck and joy, especially to our chickens (hey 93ers!)

With love,

stillrooted and yongsital



31st Golden Disc Awards – Presenter

On Friday, January 13th, 2017, Park So Dam was a presenter for the Best OST Award along with actor Seo Kang Joon.

It is her first time at the Golden Disk Awards and she did so well presenting! Plus she looked so gorgeous that night! Congratulations to Gummy for winning Best OST for “You Are My Everything” from Descendants of the Sun.


0:06 – [Voice announcing Park So Dam] – The Cinderella you think of, Actress Park Sodam, will be presenting. (Along with Seo Kang Joon).

0:23 – Hello, my name is Park So Dam.

0:34 – Yes, I agree that the Golden Disk Awards this year have become more eloquent. This is my first time at and presenting for the Golden Disk Awards, and just like Seo Kang Joon, I would love to participate in the Golden Disk Awards next year. Well then, let’s move on to the actual award.

0:55 – Let’s present the Best OST Award for the 31st Golden Disk Awards.

1:11 – Congratulations!

Happy New Year… 2017!


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Dear Park Sodam,

What an AMAZING year it has been for you! You have shown us so many different characters and acting through many different productions throughout 2016! We thank you again and again for making us laugh, smile, and cry because of your acting.

Thank you for putting your hard work and determination into your many projects such as the dramas, Beautiful Mind and Cinderella and the Four Knights, the movie, Take-Off 2, and the plays, Let Me In and Closer.

We will continue to root for you in 2017 and hope that you have a lovely break until your next amazing performance! We love you so so so very much! Fighting in 2017!


stillrooted and yongsital

Dear fellow Sodam Dodams,

The admins at So Dam(n) In Love wish you a 2017 that is full of blessings and joy! Thank you so much for your AMAZING support for Park Sodam and this fanpage.

We are thankful for you fellow Sodam Dodams, who take the time out of your day to check out this fanpage and of course Park Sodam!

Our goals for 2017 including bringing you the best and fastest quality information/pictures/videos of Sodam and to continue to translate and upload to spread the word about Park Sodam.

We thank you again and again for being with us in 2016 and we hope that you will join us again in 2017!


stillrooted and yongsital


Sodam Makes Her Mark On The Stage

2016 SACA Awards.pngOn December 26, 2016, Sodam won Best Female Newcomer in the 2016 Stagetalk Audience Choice Awards (SACA Awards) for her acting in “Closer.”

Sodam won this award through the people’s voting and won 43.1% of all the votes, which was the most in the category!

Please congratulate Sodam on this fantastic win and continue to support her on the stage!

[161219] Sodamstagram Update


#에이핑크#콘서트 이뿌니#손나은
보면서 나도 많이 울컥했당… 항상 밝고 열심히하는모습너무너무예쁘쟈낭😍
보면서 또반했쟈나🙈 고마워초대해줘성
미리크리스마스파티하구 선물받아온거같았오헤헤
좋은 에너지얻구왔더! 짱짱👍더더더응원할게에뽜이팅!!!!!@marcellasne_


#Apink #Concert Cutie #SonNaeun As I was watching you, I got really emotional… you are always so bright and work so hard which is such a beautiful side of you😍
I fell in love with you again watching you🙈 Thank you for inviting me
It feels like it’s already a Christmas party and that I already got a gift hehe
Thanks for the good energy you gave me! Jjang jjang 👍 I’ll continue to support you even more fighting!!!!! @marcellasne_