66th Favorite Rivalry – Sodam and Goeun

(Begins at 10:30)

Although Park Sodam and Kim Goeun have been said they look alike, it looks like the two were ranked as the 66th favorite “rivalry.”

Kim Goeun is an actress known for her many works like “Cheese in the Trap” and recently “Goblin.” Like Sodam, she has monolids, and the two look very similar.

I wouldn’t say they have a “rivalry,” but more of a friendship since Sodam said they were college friends. Park Sodam won “Best New Actress” for film (The Black Priests) at the 52nd Baeksang Awards, while Kim Goeun won “Best New Actress” for TV (Cheese in the Trap) at the same awards ceremony.

We hope that the two continue their amazing friendship!